Submission Process

Submission Process

Entries must be emailed to by July 15, 2015, 5PM EST

Notification of acceptance: July 30, 2015

Exhibition opens September 3, 2015

Please be sure to follow the directions below when submitting your work. 

  • Entrants may submit up to three JPEG files of original work. Format file name with artistname, underscore, followed by .jpg extension: yourname_1.jpg, yourname_2.jpg, yourname_3.jpg,
  • Please send photographs of as .jpegs at 300 dpi. Please ensure that the .jpegs are not too large –we will view them on a computer and so they should be no more than about 300k each –preferably less and,
  • Provide an Artist Statement – a PDF statement of up to 250 words. Format file name with artistname, underscore, “Artist Statement.”
  • Please include an Image List- a PDF document containing the file name, the image title, year made, type of print, and dimensions for each submission

One thought on “Submission Process

  1. This is an exhibition that needs to be had and I am grateful that it is in the works. I feel a call to action just in the need to submit work.

    Here is my question though…. I have faced many gender based struggles but not necessarily physically violent. All systems are broken and biased towards men. Until boys raised by feminists and feminists themselves are behind the most important desks, there are A LOT of obstacles for women as you well know.

    Mine have been in navigating the mental health system as a woman who was undiagnosed (as are most girls) with ADHD until fairly recently. Adult diagnosed ADHD, especially in women, brings with it a lifelong struggle of underachievement, low self-esteem, poor social skills (which figure at workplaces as well), and co morbid conditions such as addictions, depression, anxiety, and OCD, all of which I now struggle with in addition to being a single, middle aged, childless female with no income, struggling with broken state, federal, even non-profit systems that struggle to provide help for the wide spectrum of the “mentally ill”.

    And in this battle I am angry that I was ignored for so long and that my very real medical conditions (proven by neuroscience) were dismissed as “being overdramatic” or “too sensitive”… Typical responses in a society that undervalues female strengths of emotional intelligence, empathy, sympathy and yes, sensitivity.

    So I ask, does my struggle qualify? Does it matter that as a result of lacking social skills I was bullied up until 7th grade when I decided just to keep my mouth shut? Most of the bullying was verbal (think Welcome to The Dollhouse”, but I did have hair pulled and stuff stuck to my chair… But bruises, not so much. Sticks and stones did not break my bones but words did hurt and still do.

    So again my question is, does my struggle as a female with ADHD who spent half her life struggling because “only boys got ADD” , neglected rather than beaten, voice smothered by emotional abuse at school, home, and eventually work…. Does this material qualify for this exhibition? Or is it a different one?

    And I know this is a lengthy comment… I still struggle with editing my thoughts. Also, I did not have much time to edit this once I finished it. I hope you understand.

    – Laura S. Reinhard


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